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About us

French company ALLIOS/SOFRAMAP was created in 1949. In the early nineties, the company started its distribution supply to the Russian market. Consumption and turnover of paint-and-lacquer materials of ALLIOS/SOFRAMAP grew rapidly, and the management company together with the group of companies LACOS arrived at a decision to create a manufacture in Russia. The manufacturing was started in Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl Region, in 2001.

Today, LACOS Coatings is a company with a high production automation level with equipment supplied by Oliver & Battle (Spain), Netzsh (Germany), Mettler Toledo (Switzerland), Honeywell (USA), ABB (Germany). The products are made of raw materials provided by leaders of world chemical industry (RHODIA, OMYA, OMNOVA SOLUTIONS, DOW, BASF and others.) The factory is equipped with modern laboratories staffed by specially trained experts.

Annual International Award, organized within the bounds of “INTERLAKOKRASKA” Exhibition, has many times awarded medals to our in category for “Best Paint and varnish Product of the Year”:

Paint plant was awarded GRAN PRIX for saturation of domestic market with quality paint and varnish materials in 2005.