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VINCENT DÉCOR is a new line of decorative materials for DIY market which has been developed by the Franco-Russian company LACOS coatings ("LACOS coatings" LLC) and offered to the consumers for the first time in 2009.
Range of decorative materials Vincent Décor allows you to create a modern design that meets the requirements of the most sophisticated interior design of residential and office space, as well as the requirements of commercial architecture.

Decorative materials Vincent Décor can give an interesting pattern, structure and other decorative effects to the ordinary wall and make your room comfortable and beautiful.

Vincent Décor product line includes almost all known types of decorative paint finishing materials:

  • L'effet Rustique group offers textured plasters allowing to obtain coatings with the effects of treated and untreated natural stone, "wattle house", "broken" stone;
  • L'effet Grese group offers decorative coatings with the effects of natural shell limestone, "scrim" effect, "pitted" effect;
  • L'effet Multicolore group offers multicolor coatings with inclusions of colorful polymer (including pearlescent) particles, creating the effect of noble antiquity;
  • L'effet Luminence group offers multicolor flakes coatings allowing to obtain a wide range of mosaic color effects;
  • L'effet Stucco group offers the mineral and synthetic "Venezziano" plasters (including pearlescent effect);
  • L'effet Sableux group offers strong durable decorative coatings with the texture of fine sand;
  • L'effet de Soie group offers a decorative coating with an effect of brilliant pearl silk, "rumpled" silk;
  • L'effet Décorative group offers glazing paints containing wax and designed for creating such effects as "old patina", "smudged" or "half-tone" texture (including with metallic effect), emphasizing the roughness of surface; this group includes also protective varnishes and varnish giving to the decorative paints surface the effect of crackle old paint ;
  • Primers group offers the primers and tinted undercoats for multilayer structural coatings to create a decorative effect.

Products of Vincent Décor line are easy to apply and ready to use, that makes them easy to be applied both by experienced builders and beginners and allows perform finishing and renovation of any complexity and pleasing to the eye and maintain their appearance for a long time.

Combinations of different materials make possible to obtain a variety of decorative effects and to create your own unique and inimitable interior.