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VINCENT is line of paint and varnish products for DIY market (“Do it yourself").

The range of products VINCENT includes the necessary preparation and undercoat materials, modern facade materials, smooth and structural coatings, complex of smooth paints for interior decoration, paints and primers for protection and decoration of wooden surfaces.

All paints and varnishes products of VINCENT product line are produced in Russia at the Franco-Russian manufacture LACOS coatings ("LACOS coatings" LLC). Paints and coatings VINCENT are developed after a close analysis of the Russian consumer market, as well as many years of personal experience with paints used in all climatic zones of Russia and neighboring countries.

Facade materials VINCENT durability is at least 10 years, and many interior paints are approved for use in child-care and health-care facilities.

Range of paints VINCENT was recognized as the best paint and varnish product line and was awarded the gold medal at the Moscow International Exhibition "Interlakokraska."